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Monday, February 21, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode 11 Sneak Peek: Paired Up

Food Network super star, Paula Deen.
Y’all ready for a little Top Chef preview? The Food Network’s Paula Deen pays a visit to the Top Chefs as guest judge on this week’s Top Chef All Stars episode 11 (Paired Up) and Carla Hall is majorly star struck!

Top Chef Quickfire
This week’s Quickfire has the chefs running around like their tails (asses) are on fire as they whip up dishes aimed to impress Paula Deen. And the prize for this week’s Quickfire is $5,000 (again).
  • Dale Talde says Paula Deen is just so night and day from his flavor spectrum. He works in a Chinese restaurant for Christ’s sake. He whips up raw oysters wrapped in beef and thinks his dish is worth $5,000. Even though he won $30,000 in the last challenge, he wants the cash from this challenge because he’s a greedy American (his words – not mine).
  • Antonia Lafaso says she friends food more than she should – is there a limit? She’s making a fried shrimp salad.
  • Mike Isabella makes Fried Chicken Oysters (yummy).
  • Richard Blais whips out the liquid nitrogen (again) to make fried mayonnaise balls (flavored with coffee and lime). Yes people, the Blais has added a whole new dimension to fatty foods.

Marcel Vigneron "helps" Tiffany Derry cook for the people.
Top Chef Elimination Challenge
Angelo Sosa, Fabio Viviani, Spike Mendelshon, Tre Wilcox, Tiffani Faison and Marcel Vigneron return to assist the remaining chefs in the Elimination Challenge… And Dale Talde could not be more disappointed – McNasty Nancy #1 bitches, bitches, bitches all about Top Chef Kitchen… Can someone staple Dale’s lips together please?
  • The chefs need to prepare 320 orders?
  • The Richard/Fabio and Angelo/Mike Isabella bromances are reignited (sorta).
  • Marcel wears on Tiffany Derry’s last nerve as he tries to help her cook food for the people. Marcel, let the shrimp heads go already! Dale thinks that if anyone can get Marcel in check, it’s Tiffany.
  • Mike Isabella is heckling the other chefs more than usual and grating on Richard’s nerves. Mike is paired with Tiffani Faison and it looks like she may be doing most of the work.
  • Antonia is having a great time cooking with Spike.
Can't wait for this week's episode of Top Chef. It might just make up for last week's departure of fan-fave, Angelo Sosa. I'm still a little teary...

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  1. I predict Carla will win the challenge :)

    She's my favorite. "HOOTY!"

  2. What I meant to say was I predict Carla will not go home, lol. Thank goodness! I'm also glad Tiffany did not have to leave because of Marcel. Not sorry to see Dale go. Love Paula Dean. What Mike did to Richard was so shady. I hope he is the next to go.

  3. Great minds think alike! So happy with how everything turned out - especially Richard winning the elimination over Mike. What a shady guy! I really hope Tiffany makes it to the finale. It's a stretch, but one can always hope...