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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode 10 Sneak Peek: Lock Down (UPDATED!!)

Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi and Sesame Street's Elmo bond.
This week on Top Chef All Stars Episode 10, the chefs commandeer a Target and must prepare dishes for 100 people, using only the store’s merchandise.

The Quickfire: Sesame Street comes to Top Chef and the chefs each have to whip up a cookie that will impress Sesame Street stars Elmo, Telly Monster & Cookie Monster.
The Elimination Challenge: The chefs take over a Target store in the middle of the night and have 90 minutes to make a dish for 100 people (owch) using items found in the aisles. Anthony Bourdain guest stars.

And now for the Sneak Peek deets:
-     Carla Hall is the last chef to her station
-     Carla makes a curried apple soup with apple slaw. She wants to get a protein, but is afraid to leave her station due to time constraints.
-     Richard Blais is worried that Carla’s dish won’t mature in time.
-     Looks like a new bromance is brewing between Mike Isabella and Angelo Sosa. Mike lovingly refers to Angelo as “sweetie” when looking for his can opener.
-     Mike wants to make a spicy coconut shrimp stew, but doesn’t have the shrimp. He then tries for coconut and pork, but scraps the pork and just makes spicy coconut broth with veggies. But flavors are coming together and Mike Isabella feels confident.
-     Angelo is making a (baked) potato soup with bacon, onions and cheddar cheese. Mike Isabella plays Angelo’s taster and tells him the soup is a bit thick and missing “something”. Angelo adds more bacon and salt, hoping that it’ll fill the flavor void.
-     Antonia Lafaso thinks that it’s ridiculous that all the chefs are making soup. “$25k on the line, I’m not going to make a soup, call it a day and play it safe.”
-     Anthony Bourdain thinks the food was cooked by stoners.

It’s amazing how Carla is still so underestimated by the other chefs – particularly Richard Blaise. Every week, we hear how he’s “so concerned” about whether she’ll make it or not, and in the end, she ALWAYS ends up kicking some culinary tail. I really hope we see a Richard and Carla showdown in the season finally. Richard may know some magic, but Carla has all the love – and we know that the best dishes are only the best because they’re cooked with a whole lotta love.

And is it bad that I’d like to see Antonia go home? She just doesn’t seem like a nice person. She messed up Casey’s dish, but never came forward and she’s constantly making snotty comments about the other chefs and finding ways to put them down. Mean people suck, dude.
Can’t wait for tomorrow night’s Top Chef All Stars. Wish I could be on Lock Down with them!

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