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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode 8 Sneak Peak: An Offer They Can't Refuse

The cast of Top Chef All Stars
Top Chef All Stars took a break last week and for all of you that can't wait anymore and just need a taste, here's a sneak peak at next week's episode:

On Top Chef All Stars’ 8th episode, “An Offer They Can't Refuse”, the chefs must tap into their artistic side as they demonstrate plating techniques for designer, Isaac Mizrahi. They will then have to tap into their old-world side when “The Sopranos” star, Lorraine Bracco, asks them to create a traditional three-course Italian dinner.

-     Tre makes risotto and Antonia thinks his dish won’t cut it. He has confidence because he beat Hung Huynh with his risotto dish in Top Chef Season 3.
-     Mike Isabella feels pressure because he’s the “favorite” and he thinks there’s a lot expected of him. He’s making a rustic peasant dish and has to wait ‘til the last minute to cook his pasta which may cause him to be in trouble.
-     Lorraine Bracco reminisces over the time she spent filming “Goodfellas” and the food Martin Scorsese’s mom, Katherine, would cook for them. She emphasizes the importance of the matriarchal presence and how it’s always surrounded around food. She kind of has a point.

I’m going to guess that either Tre or Mike Isabella will be packing their knives, but I really hope I’m wrong. Losing either of them would be such a bummer. Maybe Dale will end up going home instead? One can only hope...

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