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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 10 Recap: Lock Down

The Muppets Take Top Chef!
In tonight’s Top Chef All Stars 10th episode, there are only seven chefs left and we can almost predict the season finally. But this Top Chef episode has all the makings of an amazing drama: Sesame Street's Elmo, Telly Monster & Cookie Monster judge the Quickfire, another Top Chef Bromance blooms and the Chefs tackle America’s monster chain store, Target. And here’s the recap for Top Chef All-Stars Episode 10 Recap: “Lock Down”.

The first scene opens in the pantry with Richard Blaise and Mike Isabella reminiscing about Fabio Viviani. Mike Izzy says Fabio is an impressive guy and Richard says that Fabio turned him into a "Fabio Fan" - he wishes Fabio had asked him for help... Ahh... The bromance lives on. Carla brags about her win (just a little) and dreams of a woman winning Top Chef All Stars. I'd love to see that too, but I'm not getting my hopes up (just yet). 

The chefs then move to the bar for cocktails and toast to the "Magnificent Seven". Richard and Dale agree to be allies until one of them goes home or they make it to the end. Please let this treaty end next week!!

Quickfire Challenge
The chefs walk into the kitchen to find Padma Lakshmi rhyming with Cookie Monster, Telly Monster and Elmo. Padma tells the chefs that they have 45 minutes to make their best cookies. The winner will take home $5,000.
-     The chefs are a bit lost since none have honed their cookie-making skills. Really? My baking skills suck and even I know how to whip up chocolate chip cookies.
-     Richard Blais decides to make the zucchini cookie that Elmo wanted. It's clear that he's aiming to impress his 2-year-old daughter's idol, and I totally respect that. But have you noticed that he seems to be going a bit overboard lately?
-     Antonia Lafaso makes a Dark Chocolate Cookie with white chocolate chips, a caramel glaze & sprinkles.
-     Carla Hall makes a Chocolate Chip Cookie with cinnamon.
-     Dale Talde makes a Pretzel & Potato Chip Shortbread Cookie with salted caramel chocolate ganache.
-     Richard makes an Ice Cream Cookie with chocolate chips, zucchini & mint. I’m trying to imagine that tasting good… Still trying… Still trying… Nope! Not gonna happen.
-     Mike Isabella makes an Almond & Dried Cherry Cookie with rose petal powdered sugar.
-     Tiffany Derry makes a Shortbread Cookie with lemon zest, rosemary, thyme & coconut milk.
-     Angelo Sosa makes a Chocolate Chip, Belgian Hazelnut Cookie & a Chocolate-Banana Milkshake.
-     On the bottom are Richard (the Muppet monsters didn’t think his cooking was cookie-ish enough) and Angelo (for making a dry cookie).
-     On the top are Dale’s sweet and salty cookie and Antonia’s chewy gooey cow-shit cookie.
-     And Dale wins the Quickfire and takes home $5000. Yay Dale. Sorry Antonia. Even if it tastes like heaven, the Muppets still thought your cookie looked like cow-shit.

Richard Blaise, Angelo Sosa & Tiffany Derry think this
Top Chef challenge is tricky
Elimination Challenge
This week’s elimination prize is $25,000! The chefs have 3 hours at Target to shop for the items they need. Then they have to serve a meal for 100 Target employees the next day. Then the show seems to convert into a target commercial for a couple minutes – which I think we could have done without, since the entire show pretty much is a Target commercial.

The chefs arrive at Target just past midnight and go zooming down the aisles with their carts gathering all the appliances, utensils, food and furniture they think they’ll need.
-     Dale makes rude comments about Tiffany as he shops for irons.
-     Antonia pretty much grabs everything.
-     Angelo and Mike shop together.  Gotta love the bromance
-     Tiffany shops for clothes as she shops for food.
-     The chefs begin cooking… But Carla is still shopping. She finally joins the group after everyone else is already well on their way. Richard shows concern for her (but I think he’s just secretly threatened by her).

The 100 Target employees arrive, along with Padma, Tom, our favorite grouch-monster Anthony Bourdain, and this week’s guest judges: Ming Tsai (owner/chef of Blue Ginger) and Thomas O'Brien (home designer for Target).
-     Richard makes a Pork Tenderloin with Green Chilies, Apples, Braised Pork Ribs & Corn Pancakes.
-     Dale makes a Rib Eye Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Spicy Tomato Soup.
-     Carla makes a Curry Apple Soup with Tomato Ginger Jam & Cucumber Apple Slaw.
-     Antonia makes Parmesan Eggs on Garlic Crostini with Almond, Tomato & Apple Salad.
-     Mike makes a Spicy Coconut Soup with Mushrooms, Scallops & Lime.
-     Tiffany makes Jambalaya with Chicken, Sausage & Shrimp, and serves it with a Summer Salad.
-     Angelo has Baked Potato Soup with Bacon, Sour Cream, Potato Skins, Scallions & Cheddar Cheese.
-     The judges aren’t so impressed with everyone’s dishes – Anthony Bourdain thinks the chefs toked up the cheeba before they started cooking. And EVERYONE seems unhappy about the early hour.

The Elimination…
Padma walks in and announces that the judges would like to see: Dale, Antonia & Richard.

And the winner is… Dale again! When was the last time we saw a Top Chef win both the Quickfire AND Elimination in a single episode? I can’t remember.

Farewell, Angelo. It shoulda been the other way around.
The chefs are sent back and tell Carla, Tiffany & Angelo that the chefs would like to see them. The three face the judges and an endless barrage of insults: Carla’s dish didn’t develop and needed protein, Angelo’s soup was too salty, and the dried spices Tiffany used highlighted her dish’s deficiencies. And then Padma says:

“Angelo, please pack your knives and go.”

Mike Isabella is far more crushed that Angelo is being sent home than Angelo is – he’s lost his friend. Another bromance comes to a close.

And I would personally like to emphasize my own disappointment. It’s impressive that Dale won both challenges, though $25k for a grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds fishy. But seriously, he is a rude dude. And the same goes for Antonia. I know this is reality TV and some people like the drama, but then nix those two and bring Marcel back. He’s double-dipped in arrogance, but he’s entertaining as hell!

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  1. Can Elmo and Cookie Monster start co-hosting with Padma EVERY week, please?! It'd be the best!