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Monday, February 7, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode 9 Sneak Peek: Falling for Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is guest judge on Top Chef
On the 9th episode of Top Chef All Stars (Falling for Fallon), Jimmy Fallon joins the Top Chef cast as guest judge. Last week we saw Antonia Lafaso take home the prize and Tre Wilcox pack his knives.

And while there is definitely a Tre-like void in this episode, could another fan-favorite be packing their knives this week?

Here’s a sneak peak at this week’s episode of Top Chef All Stars episode 9:

-     The Top Chefs are led through NBC Studios and taken on a surprise visit to join actor/comedian, Jimmy Fallon on his TV show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
-     All of the chefs are completely baffled – they have no idea what’s going on…

Mike Isabella & Angelo give each other a hi-five
 -     Jimmy Fallon has the cheftestants play a game called “Cell Phone Shoot Out” on his TV show
-     Angelo Sosa wants to show the other chefs that he has diversity, so he creates a deconstructed beet and goat cheese salad with endive
-     Mike Isabella creates lamb kabobs with a feta fondue
-     Antonia Lafaso disses Mike Izzy, stating “If Mikey doesn’t have lamb with Moroccan spice he doesn’t know what to do. Man, that girl likes to talk some trash…
-     It appears that Angelo can’t complete one of his dishes in time and has to throw it out?? Let’s just hope that this is just a Quickfire dish, or we’ll be seeing Angelo pack his knives and go…
-     And last, but not least, Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi and the Top Chefs will be celebrating Jimmy Fallon’s birthday during the Elimination Challenge.

Jimmy Fallon has an All Stars birthday on this week's Top Chef!

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