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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eric Ripert calls Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares Racist & Abusive

Celebrity Chef Eric Ripert
In a string of Tweets, celebrity chef and regular guest judge on “Bravo’s Top Chef”, Eric Ripert, vents his unfiltered opinion about Gordon Ramsay’s secondary TV Show, Kitchen Nightmares.

“Watched kitchen nightmares=RACIST content,verbal abuse,humiliation etc.Shame on Gordon&production of show!Not an inspiration of leadership”

“Episode of K..Nighmares I’m ref to is about grasshopper resto.racism when addressing to Latino staff.Gordon toucih is nose, leak his finger?!”

“To end Ramsay Saga.I think anger= weakness.&Who like to feel humiliated,insulted&screamed at?Work, home,anywhere?If U don t why someone would?”

Gordon Ramsay abusing another chef
“yes as a young Chef I was very abusive.I changed slowly12/10 years ago for the best to all.I was ignorant then&now much better”

Eric, I agree with you 180%. However, Gordon Ramsay’s not going to change. Ramsay gets paid to be an asshole. The only way we can ever get him to shut up is by boycotting any media that’s tied to him.

But then, what would I have to write about? Top Chef and Michelle Obama (the Fast Food Super Hero) can only be amusing for so long…

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  1. Boy, people just love to ream Ramsey these days. I don't think it's any body's business what he does, he has viewers, they enjoy him, and he is an equal opportunity hardass. There was another article on this site about his alleged, and admitted plastic surgery. If you had his wrinkles and had the money, you wouldn't get botox? Maybe not, but who really cares, it's his life, his face, his style, his future. A lot of writers living in glass houses on this site!

  2. And then there are those who like to hide behind "anonymous" identities when throwing insults.

    Fact is, Gordon Ramsay is a dishonest, verbally absusive jerk. If other people writing about that actually bothers him, then he shouldn't make a public specticle of himself.

    In reality, it's posts like this one that help to feed his career. Get over it.

  3. Rachel T., I am not hiding behind "anonymous", even if you knew my name, you would not know who I name is Deb by the way...

    Do you know Ramsay, worked with him, have personal experience to know of what you speak? If so, please do tell, because I don't, I just admire him as a chef, though I must admit I am getting bored with his US shows, so formulaic, but I keep hoping that his FOX shows will someday show the Ramsay in KN UK, HK UK, The F Word. Probably never happen, but whether or not I enjoyed his programmes, I would not feel the need to slam him, professionally and personally, as the media has, although-it is the negative posts that feed his career, any publicity is good publicity, esp. for a "bad boy" persona.

    Long live GR! Oh, and Eric Ripert as well.
    Live and let live...peace.

  4. Well said, Deb! And thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have absolutely no doubt that there is another side to Ramsay. Unfortunately, we mostly get exposed to the nastier side of him in the U.S.

    Your response was really thoughtful and I'm glad he has great supporters like you. =)

  5. fingers are for burningMarch 2, 2011 at 10:44 PM

    ripert can have his opinions and so can ramsey.
    either way both chefs are winners playing the game the best way they personally know how.
    honestly i think ripert's spicy tweets are fun to read and i like ramsey's shows. *shrug*

  6. I personally hate tonight's episode with the two male twins. They are so lazy and such pieces of can anyone have so much lack of common sense, especially when owning a business!!

  7. If someone is arguing about verbal abuse, I would like to see the reaction if someone told you the food you ate was made on floor like it was in Purnima episode with cockroaches or from products kept in refrigerator for one, two years. Just imagine that for 1 minute such situation! What would you say? Just "Don't cook like that! It's bad...!?" or "WTF you morons, ..., ..., etc, etc are doing?" P.S. "The less people know about how sausages and laws are made, the better they'll sleep at night" Otto von Bismarck