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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Top Chef All Star’s Jamie Lauren Cooks Nothing and Evades All

Is anyone else as annoyed with Jamie Lauren as much as I am? She seems to be making a habit of dodging the actual cook-off.

In the second episode of Top Chef All Stars, she cuts her finger and ditches the competition so she can get a couple of stitches – leaving Jen to fend for herself. Wouldn’t a Band-Aid have fixed her boo boo? Maybe it was a bad cut, but we’ve seen others survive far worse and this week her actions leave us convinced that she should pack her knives.

In the fourth episode of Top Chef All Stars, the competition heats up as the chefs are split into two teams (The Orange Team and the Yellow Team) and compete head-to-head on the courts of the U.S. Open. The Yellow team’s strategy was to start with the chef with the worst dish, which everyone agreed was Jamie. Yet she refused because her chick peas hadn’t softened enough – an issue that she was well aware of during the preparation period. And given, Spike Mendelsohn also knew there was an issue with his shrimp and didn’t speak up either, leaving Casey Thompson to voluntarily step up to the plate.

Even as the competition progressed, Jamie not only refused to present her dish, she actually took to hiding behind a table – behavior one would expect from a five-year-old child. And while the chefs were awaiting the elimination round, Jamie pretended to be upset at the missed opportunity to compete. Fortunately, the other chefs caught on to her scheme (albeit a little late) and Richard Blais called her out on her “interesting story”.

In the end, we sadly see Spike pack his knives and go. And though it was a little expected (his shrimp just didn’t make the cut, I can’t help but feel frustrated at watching the better chef depart as Jamie survives yet another episode. Let’s hope she either steps up or walks out soon.

Oh, and Angelo Sosa, we’re watching you too…

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  1. This is soooo funny! Just found your blog tonight and have lol-ed many times :)

  2. Hey, Thanks! We try our best to keep it entertaining... :-)