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Friday, December 17, 2010

Will Fabio be the Next to Depart from Top Chef?

We know he’s definitely not in New York. He’s currently making the rounds in Houston, TX, according to his Twitter page and recent interviews he gave to the Houston Chronicle and CultureMap Houston. We could assume that Top Chef All Stars has already finished taping, but if it did, wouldn’t we hear some buzz from the other contestants?

With the departures of Stephen and the amazingly talented (and oh-so –lovable) Dale L. this week and top-performers, Elia and Jennifer exiting in the last 2 episodes, we know that no matter how well you performed in the past, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it through this season of Top Chef.

So if Fabio was asked to pack his knives, I doubt anyone would be all that surprised. He’s had two close calls and we’ve only gotten through 3 episodes. And if he was still competing, would he be giving interviews two thousand miles away from location?

Something seems to be a bit off…

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  1. The show was shot in September, they've been done for a while now:

  2. Not really sure how reliable that source is. They could have started filming in September. But if you find a reliable source that can prove the season has completed filming, let me know!

  3. I sure hope he's next. One of the most overrated contestants on all-stars.