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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atlanta Chef, Nona Sivley is the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 8!

Chef Nona Sivley had a rough start early on in the Hell’s Kitchen competition, but her game greatly improved as the season went on. And while Chef Nona didn’t instigate any drama in Hell’s Kitchen, no one would mistake her for being timid. Chef Nona’s booming enthusiasm and frequent swearing became this Hell’s Kitchen maven’s trademark.

In the final episode Chef Nona Sivley and Chef Russell Kook had to prepare 5 dishes and were taken to L.A. Market Restaurant to have guest judges from the area taste their dishes. Chef Russell won this challenge, but it didn’t do much to change his bullying attitude. When it came time for dinner service he just wasn’t able to lead his team effectively.

Seeing Chef Nona walk through the door was a very emotional and exciting moment. She had many sacrifices to complete in the Hell’s Kitchen competition, which included leaving her baby boy at home and missing his 1st birthday (ouch).

And now that season 8 is over, let’s just hope that Gordon Ramsay and the Hell’s Kitchen producers actually stick to their commitment this time and actually give the Hell’s Kitchen winner the prize that was publicly promised. The prize for Hell’s Kitchen Season 8 is Head Chef at the L.A. Market Restaurant in Los Angeles, and to be a spokesperson for Rosemount Estate Wines.

And while Chef Nona is probably thrilled to win such great rewards after surviving Hell, we all know that very few of the Hell’s Kitchen winners have actually gotten the jobs they were promised. Hopefully Chef Nona won’t have the misfortune to be duped like the previous Hell’s Kitchen winners – and we won’t have to report on any more crushed hopes and dreams.

Watch Nona become Hell's Kitchen's newest winner:

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