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Monday, December 13, 2010

Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz Faces a Nine-Year Sentence

Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz received a nine-year sentence today for plotting the murder of his wife, Jennifer Campbell. As we previously reported, the former Food Network celebrity chef tried to solicit two homeless men to murder his high-school sweetheart, Jennifer Campbell, an attorney. Carlos, 48, was arrested in May and pleaded no-contest to the charges in October.

Carlos offered the two men $500 to commit the crime. However, the men reported the crime to authorities instead. In a videotaped sting operation, Santa Monica Police captured Cruz in the act of arranging his wife’s murder with the two men, which included driving one to his Westwood Condo and showing him how to gain access to the secure building.

The motive for the grisly murder plot has yet to be released publicly, but something tells me it has to do with the following:

- Money
- Ego
- Stupidity

Not necessarily in that order. Have fun in Jail JC!

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