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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taken off Cruz Control

According to sources, Chef Juan-Carlos Cruz is all about creating "job opportunities" for the homeless!

On May 13th, Cruz was arrested for paying three homeless men to take the life of his wife, Jennifer Campbell. Fortunately, she wasn't harmed, but Cruz is now pleading “no contest” to the charges against him and facing up to 9 years in the state pen. Since he submitted his guilty plea before the trial began, Cruz’s motives and details of this grisly murder plot have yet to be made public. I'm sure we're all wondering what this jackass trying to hide...

Rumor is that Cruz paid the men $1000 in cut hundreds to take out his wife. After a “throat slitting” plot was interrupted (by loitering charges) the homeless men informed authorities of the murder conspiracy before the grisly plan was executed. Cruz and the three men were then secretly observed by the police as he walked them through the ins and outs of breaking into his house.

The chef once starred in two shows on the Food Network and was known for helping people "lose weight without losing the taste". His new "show" about trying to "lose a wife without losing freedom" doesn’t seem to be working out for him.

One of the homeless men, known as “Little Dave”, told media that Cruz needed "dirty deeds done dirt cheap." This shady situation is even more surprising because only four years ago he was giving his wife public praise in his “Calorie Countdown cookbook” acknowledging her by writing, “First and foremost, I thank my beautiful wife for her belief in me and her encouragement.”

Juan-Carlos Cruz and Jennifer Campbell were high school sweethearts, but it’s rumored she was having trouble getting pregnant. 20 years of trying to conceive had left them both tired and depressed. Could fertility problems have been his rational for a murder plot? What other secrets could have driven this clean cut Catholic to such psychotic extremes?

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