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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spaghetti Tacos Galore

Spaghetti Tacos are blowing up the internet, everyone is talking about how their kids are obsessed. The New York Times did an in-depth look at the little lovers of these pop-culture creations. Modifications and new recipes are all over the place. It’s a dinner from the Nickelodeon show ICarly that the older brother Spencer came up with. Simply put some spaghetti in a crunchy taco.

What? I love how it’s taken up such popularity. I’ve never eaten one, but if I was 10 again I wouldn’t say no. Maybe we adults can start a trend cooking up lasagna in a tortilla shell… maybe. When it comes to kids you have to be able to have fun with your food. You may love gourmet food, but your kids will not have anything to do with it. If you can allow them to be creative with their food, they'll be open to trying new things. Picky children need be a thing of the past. This craze really shows how big of an impact television can have on kids and maybe even American dining as we know it. [Fade to Black]

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  1. cgambee it's ur sisy those look sooooo goood!!! i <3 u and i miss u soooooo much!!