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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gordon Ramsay: There’s Serious Hell in His Kitchen

Looks like the Hell’s Kitchen winners aren’t the only ones getting stiffed by Gordon Ramsay.

Ramsay’s latest debacle: A New Zealand promotions company, Duco Ltd., is suing the “Hell’s Kitchen” star for a whopping £1.6 million. And why? Because he didn’t follow through with his legal commitment to appear at two Auckland charity dinners in New Zealand. Ramsay claimed a week before the commitment that he couldn’t make it because his mother had suffered a heart attack. But his mother was discharged from the hospital a week before the event – with no signs of the alleged heart attack. And even worse, when they rescheduled the event for October, Ramsay cancelled again. Really Ramsay?

Apparently, Gordon Ramsay is also getting sued by Daniello Carting Co. because he neglected to pay them for several months of work in 2009, carting trash from his W. 54th St. restaurant, Gordon Ramsay at The London. According to court records, the carting company is suing Ramsay for $25,000.

And last, but definitely not least: A $3 million wrongful termination lawsuit filed by Gordon Ramsay's father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson. The suit arose after Ramsay fired his wife’s father who had been the celebrity chef’s business partner for 12 years. In a public letter regarding Gordo’s daddy-in-law, Ramsay states: “His role as CEO of Gordon Ramsay Holdings in the end felt like he was running the business as a dictator.” I guess it takes one to know one.

Getting sued by three different people, reneging on your Hell’s Kitchen prize commitments… Gordon Ramsay, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU??? I think this is a clear case of God-Complexism (yes, I said ism).

It looks like Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares isn’t just about the restaurant anymore. According to The Daily Mirror, the Kitchen Nightmares’ star and executive producer has added a number of irrelevant questions to the Kitchen Nightmares contestant application. How much a contestant weighs, as well as their height, eye and hair color are just a few of the questions that have been added. But my favorites of all of them are these:
  • Have you ever had a restraining order filed against you?
  • Does your family have a history of depression?
  • Are you easily upset?

Actually, the one regarding a history of depression seems to be fair.

A friend of mine had filled out an application for Chef Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen (as a joke) and told me that they had similar questions on the application he filled out, which he thought was strange. Considering that Kitchen Nightmare’s is supposed to be focused on the restaurants and not the contestants, asking such personal questions doesn’t seem right.

Moreover, Chef Gordon Ramsay should be focused more on cleaning up his muddied image instead of adding to his laundry list of drama and evil doings.

Are those questions even legal? But then again, does he really care?

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  2. Really? That's your best comment? He screams because that's what his producers say generate viewers. I'm not a Ramsay fan - by a stretch - but randomly bashing him is just senseless. He has enough bad luck coming his way.