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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals? 90-Minute Meals would be more Accurate

Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, was elated to learn that his new cookbook, “Jamie's 30-Minute Meals” topped the best-sellers list this December – with more than 1.2 million copies sold. But how disappointed were the recipients of this book to find that his 30-minute meal recipes actually took double, sometimes triple the time to make?

In a bad economy, $30 is a good chunk of change to spend on a book. More so, when the buyer finds that the book doesn’t deliver what it promises. Several experienced and inexperienced cooks have come forward in annoyance (some in anger) after attempting to cook Jamie Oliver’s dishes in 30 minutes or less. Instead the cooks found the allotted time was drastically understated, taking up to 90 minutes and requiring expensive equipment not ordinarily found in the average consumer’s kitchen.

To top the negative press was Jamie’s tweet, boasting book sales:

“Wanted to say thanks for supporting 30 min meals book. We have just broken the million book sales!! Couldn't have done it without you guys!” 12:27 PM Dec 21st via Twitter for iPhone

Looks like Jamie will be eating foot for his New Year’s dinner.

It might have been wise to have a few friends test out his recipes before going to press. But then again, maybe Jamie can break another record: Most copies of a non-fiction book returned to book stores in a single month.

Jamie, maybe you should have Rachel Ray consult on your next book: “Jamie Oliver’s 30-Minute Meals – No Really”.

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  1. LOVE his recipes but can't stand looking at him. He looks like he just got out of bed and talks like a retard. Cute wife though.

  2. The book is great... and I think he's fantastic. EVERY recipe takes longer than you think it's going take, the first time you make it. Having to follow step-by-step instructions always takes time - even when written by Rachel Ray. (Who shouldn't even be compared to Oliver. She is NOT a chef. I would never purchase one of her "cookbooks"... in my opinion she is only a step or two above Sandra Lee. Gah).

    (the previous comment by "anonymous" regarding how he talks is completely ignorant).

    Jamie's recipes are fresh and healthy - REAL FOOD. I've been cooking his recipes for 10 years now.

    It's a shame that people (apparently) purchased his new cookbook expecting... what? To open up a tin of beans and make a quick casserole with that and some condensed soup? C'mon.


  3. I love this book, so much so I had to write about it on my blog, but truth be told 30 mins is a myth, for my cooking capabilities anyway!