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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Shunned by LA School District – Can You Blame Them?

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA in hopes of introducing his Food Revolution to the schools in LA County. But the LA school district isn’t interested in being featured on Jamie’s reality show. And frankly, I don’t blame them.

For starters, why would Jamie start with Los Angeles, unless he was out for publicity? While Los Angeles isn’t the healthiest city in the US (it was ranked at #38 out of the 50 top metro areas in the US, according to the American Fitness Index), it’s definitely not the unhealthiest. It is, however, the center of the entertainment industry and the best place to gain mass media exposure. What better location for a rising celebrity chef to host his reality TV show?

But let’s look at this from a parent’s perspective. How eager do you think the average parent would be to have their child’s education interrupted by a film crew on a daily or weekly basis? Personally, I wouldn’t stand for it. My guess is that most parents wouldn’t feel at all comfortable with their child appearing on national television either. With all the crazies out there and the numerous child abductions seen daily in the news, broadcasting one’s child across the whole of America just doesn’t seem sensible.

And then there’s the School District’s perspective. Jamie Oliver wants the LA school district to agree to be portrayed as incapable of providing healthy lunches to their students. And maybe after Jamie is done filming his show, the film editors can make a few modifications to make it appear as if the schools are serving their students rat burgers instead of beef. We all know that reality TV storylines don’t play out exactly as they really happen. Scenes are left out; statements are taken out of context…

Los Angeles is the last city in the U.S. hurting for publicity and Jamie’s Food Revolution probably seems like a perfect disaster in the eyes of LA County. Can you blame them?

Maybe Jamie should target a more relevant and welcoming city, like Detroit or Las Vegas.

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