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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Says Farewell to Tiffany Derry

Top Chef's Mike Isabella
On this week’s Top Chef All Stars Episode 14 (Island Fever), we saw the girls beat the boys, we saw too much skin (go Padma! Mikey put your shirt back on!), and we saw a big surprise win and an almost expected loss.

While I would love to say “I told you so”, I can’t – because I didn’t. Not even close. But I’m not disappointed either. Mike Isabella takes home the Top Chef cake this week and squashes the Top Chef competition with his magical pineapple. When he described it, I almost took a step back, until I pictured what he was trying to accomplish…

While I know Mike Isabella isn’t a fan favorite, he really has brought a strong game to the table. And if he continues to pull out all the stops, I’ll root for him to the end. Yes, He’s incredibly obnoxious. Yes, he’s extremely arrogant. Yes, I’m afraid his least-likable traits will surge to an unbearable extent if he wins – but so will Richard Blais – and Richie ain’t half as entertaining.

My ideal Top Chef showdown would have been between Carla Hall and Richard Blais, but since Carla has been 86’d and Richard has openly admitted to his manipulative tactics against his competitors, I’ll take the lesser of two evils. Mike Isabella is dense, but he’s sported some unexpected magic that has proved effective. Aren’t you curious to see what else he comes up with?

Top Chef's Tiffany Derry
All that said, I was soo sad to see Tiffany Derry pack her knives tonight – and shockingly, I didn’t quite see it coming. You could see Tiffany push herself to the limit and throughout this episode; she seemed to be on top of her game. In the end though, she really didn’t seem to have the killer instinct.

Even though Tiffany didn’t survive this episode of Top Chef All Stars, she managed to survive most of this season and she’s proven that, not only is she a lovely person, but she’s a very talented cook.

Come back soon Tiffany!

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  1. I am so proud of you Tiffany! I hope you're as proud of yourself as I am of you!!