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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Season 8 has been Hammered!

The Cast of Bravo TV's Top Chef All Stars
The Top Chef All Stars Reunion was such a great way to end the longest Top Chef season ever.

It was great to see the camaraderie Mike Isabella shared with Richard Blais and Antonia Lafaso. Jen Caroll’s elimination clip and the brief silence that followed was hilarious. So proud of Jen for owning up to her bad behavior – it made me respect her more. And Gail Simmons’ defense of Jen was spot on.

I was really hoping to see Jamie Lauren own up to her lack of performance. Glad I didn’t hold my breath.

Fortunately, there was another Top Chef who truly owned up to their past bad behavior. Tiffani Faison is a rock star and I cheered for her when she said “Winning would have been the worst thing for me. I would have been validated for my bullshit.” What a brilliant girl. She was wonderful to watch this season. Wish that more people were like her.

Fabio Viviani + Richard Blais = The perfect bromance
Watching the bromance recap with Mike Isabella and Angelo Sosa and Fabio Viviani and Richard Blais – my favorite TV bromance of all time – almost made me teary. Really could have done without all the gay jokes though. The “bromance” is not a gay or straight thing. It’s a brotherly love thing that, in my meager female opinion, takes a real man to express. Gotta respect the bromance.

And let’s talk about “The Black Hammer”. Do you think Antonia Lafaso is cursed or is it a coincidence that most of the chefs that pair up with her end up going home? Either way, she’d be a blast to go drinking with [booze-infused hammered].

And a few last thoughts on the Top Chef All Stars Reunion:
1.       Bravo, send Dale Talde his damned check so he can finally get hitched.
2.       Dug the clips of Fabio Viviani awesomeness. Glad he finally learned how to say “burger”. The booger thing was kinda grossin’ me out.
3.       Show me more unseen Top Chef clips of the Sesame Street crew!! Telly Monster rocks.
4.       Marcel Vigneron should set aside his dreams of becoming a super star rapper and stick to putting food on a plate. But did you catch how beet-red he got after watching his hip-hop performance?
5.       As often as I defend Mike Isabella, the guy broke chef law and deserves to be punished. Mike says “there’s no such thing as stealing an idea when it comes to cooking”. I say there is if you read that idea in someone else’s notebook. Maybe he didn’t “steal” it, but the dish wasn’t 100% his.
6.       Gail Simmons’ adoration for Mike Izzy’s pepperoni sauce was adorable.
7.       Yes, Paula Deen said “fuck”. =)
Tre Wilcox is definitely a "Top Chef"
8.       Who doesn’t have a sweet-spot for Tre Wilcox?
9.       Elia Aboumrad should be embarrassed by her behavior and owes Tom Colicchio a sincere apology. I’m assuming we won’t be seeing her on Top Chef again anytime soon. Stupid, stupid girl.
10.   Top Chef Quote of the Season: “Howard Johnson’s called and they want their garnish back.”
11.   Would have liked to see more of Casey Thompson. Did she even say more than two words?
12.   Last, but not least: If Fabio Viviani had to lose Top Chef Fan Favorite title to anyone, I’m glad it was Carla Hall. Hootie!

Farewell Top Chef All Stars! Hello Top Chef Masters season 3!

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  1. I've had the pleasure of attending cooking classes with Tre and he seems to truly be a sweet, sincere guy. So glad that his personality was evident even with editing.

  2. Perfect post - you nailed it.

    How in the world did I miss paula dropping the F-bomb?!