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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Episode 13 Preview: Fit for a King

Top Chefs Richard Blaise, Stephanie Izard & Antonia Lafaso
On this week’s Top Chef All Stars, Episode 13 (“Fit for a King”), the chefs arrive in the Bahamas for a Caribbean cook-off, and each participates in a culinary duel against the “Top Chef” who won their original season. This includes the previous Top Chef Winners Hosea Rosenberg, Michael Voltaggio, Kevin Sbraga and Stephanie Izard.

Quickfire Challenge:  The remaining chefs pair up with the Top Chef of their own respective season for an opportunity to beat their season’s winner. Each winner gets $10,000? (Don’t quote me on that)
  • Carla Hall and Hosea Rosenberg have to split meat and Carla thinks she can beat him this time around, while Hosea just wants to prove to the haters that he did in fact deserve to win his season of Top Chef.
  • Richard Blais, Antonia Lafaso and Stephanie Izard get rack of veal, which throws Richard for a curve ball. Stephanie doesn’t seem to thrilled to have to compete against both Richard and Antonia, but likes the idea of winning $20k if she beats them.
  • Mike Isabella and Michael Voltaggio get a whole duck and only have 40 minutes to cook it. Mike tries to buy himself some time by making Michael Voltaggio butcher the duck. Shady as always, Mikey, but you still don’t stand a chance. Mike V came by to clean the kitchen with your deceitful arse.
  • Tiffany Derry and Kevin Sbraga get pig (I think). Tiffany just wants to perform well and blow the judges away with the flavors of her dish. Kevin’s back is killing him.

The Elimination Challenge: The chefs have to be on top of their game as they cook for Bahamian royalty. The chefs have 2 ½ hours to prep and, as usual, the pressure is on.
  • Mike Isabella is making a hash dish, with lobster, quail or Cornish game hen (small game bird) and allspice. You can see sweat dripping from his nose into his food. He should be DQ’d for that nastiness.
  • Richard Blais is making a spiny lobster with pulled pork and pickled turnips… Yummm…
  • Antonia’s dish is made up of lamb, bacon, Brussels sprouts, blue cheese and hazelnuts.
  • Padma Lakshmi looks like a Top Chef in a bikini.
    Tiffany makes a surprise, but I bet it’s fabulous!
  • Carla cooks up pork medallions and apple chips. This may sound simple, but we know it's dishes like this that always seems to put Carla Hall on top.
Other rumors and Top Chef tidbits:
  • Mike Isabella drools over Padma Lakshmi in a bikini.
  • And (for next week) The chefs have to fish for their ingredients and I’m hearing rumors of fire trucks, a kitchen evacuation and lots of crying. Let’s hope they cut the crying short this time and the winner actually deserves the title “Top Chef”.

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