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Monday, March 7, 2011

NBC's America's Next Great Restaurant Premier is Soo Worth the Watch!

America’s Next Great Restaurant premiered on NBC last night giving us a new food show to gush about. The first impressions of the contestants are quirky and not entirely professional. Each contestant must present a great idea in 2 minutes to the investors Bobby Flay, Steve Ells, Lorena Garcia, and Curtis Stone or see their dreams rejected. The investors are stone cold and are not letting the contestants get away with anything.

When a good idea comes around the America’s Next Great Restaurant investors don’t hesitate to say yes. That’s when you get hooked on their stories. Menu concepts ranged from healthier styled dishes to indulgent comfort food, which included an appearance of chicken and waffles. My favorite dish was the BBQ Chicken grilled cheese! But who doesn’t just love a good grilled cheese sandwich.

Here are the America’s Next Great Restaurant contestants and their restaurant concepts that made it into the top 10:

The ANGR Contestants
SANDRA DIGIOVANNI - LIMBO: Sublime Diner & Paradise Lost Lounge Healthy or Indulgent, your choice.

JOSEPH GALLUZZI - Saucy Balls: He’s proudly serving up his Grandma’s Meatballs!

FRAN HARRIS - The Sports Wrap: Making healthy wraps in a fun sporty atmosphere.

SUDHIR KANDULA - The Tiffin Box: Indian Food quick and simplified for Americans.

STEPHENIE PARK - Fixed-calorie fast food: meals in busy metropolitan areas.

ERIC POWELL - Meltworks: Grilled Cheese. need we say more

ALEX TERRANOVA - Hard 'n Soft Tacos: Fusion Tacos putting the tastes of the world in your hand.

GREGORY WESTCOTT & KRYSTAL SEYMOUR - Hicks: BBQ celebrating redneck culture.

JAMAWN J. WOODS - W3's: Woods, Wings and Waffles, how could he go wrong?

MARISA ZAFRAN - Wok: Custom stir fry, as healthy as you want it to be.

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