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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Chef All Stars Recap: Episode 6 "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat"

Top Chef All Stars mixed things up this week – and I bet you’ll be very happy with the results…

The show begins with some major Jamie Lauren hating – a few clips recapping last week’s episode and everyone acknowledging what we already know:  Jamie should have been sent home instead of Casey Thompson.

In the next scene, everyone goes to sleep, except Marcel, Tre and Dale. It’s clear that the boys have been drinking and Marcel (drinking strait from a gin bottle) goes off on a gansta-style Dale-hating rant. Marcel and Dale are exchange some not-so-nice words and Dale walks away. Flash to Tre’s monologue: “I’ve definitely noticed over the weeks that… Marcel’s kind of an asshole.”

The chefs are woken up at 4:30am the next morning and in a haze of grogginess stumble into the kitchen only to find it empty, with the exception of a “gone fishing” sign and a note… telling the chefs to meet them in Montauk. Tiffani jumps up and down in excitement. Richard Blaise makes a comment that lets the viewers know that Toyota is sponsoring this episode of Top Chef.

This week’s Quickfire Challenge: There is no Quickfire Challenge!

The Elimination Challenge: The chefs head to Montauk and are split into four teams of 3. They’re given five hours to catch as many fish as they can, which they will cook and serve up to an end-of-summer beach party of 200. And get this:  it's a double elimination!  

Two teams per boat, here’s how they were divided:
Boat 1:
Team 1
Jamie, Tiffani, Antonia
Team 3 Dale, Tré, Carla
Boat 2:
Team 2 Angelo, Tiffany, Mike
Team 4 Marcel, Fabio, Richard

Boat 1: Antonia learns what it’s like to catch a big fish. Jamie likes to cook in a “back to basics” kind of way. Tiffany calls out Jamie as the weakest member. Dale catches a huge fish with all of his strength within the first 5 minutes. Dale hopes his fish will make his dad proud.  Antonia catches the first fish on her team and screams like a 4th grader.

Boat 2: Angelo hates the water. Two hours go by and the chefs haven’t caught a thing. Marcel looks seasick (hungover). Then Fabio and Mike catch the first 2 fish (simultaneously) on their boat and luck seems to spread to everyone else. Tiffany hopes her experience in a seafood restaurant will help her shine. Their trip finishes the way it started: Dale catches a ginormous striped bass that reminds him of Marcel (big head and little awkward body). Fabio, Richard & Marcel decide to cook one dish together. Richard let’s Marcel think he came up with the idea because it’s the best way to manage his ginormous ego.

After the fishing trip the chefs go to a farmer’s market to pick up the rest of their ingredients. Richard and Fabio have a little bromance goin’ and share a cute moment pulling a wagon together. Carla decides to make blue fish lettuce wraps that remind us of the poorly made summer rolls she whipped up last week – too similar?

Back at the chefs’ crash pad, Marcel starts drinking again and Dale and Tre miss their women.

The next day, the chefs head to their makeshift kitchens on the beach and start cooking. Jamie’s incessant complaining drives everyone crazy. Richard regrets agreeing to cooking a single dish with the boys – they should have done two. Angelo, Tiffany and Mike decide to create two dishes. Teams 1 & 3 are making 1 dish per chef. Richard bosses Fabio around a little too much. 

The Judges Table
Team 2 (Tiffany, Angelo, Mike) and team 3 (Dale, Tre, Carla) are called to the Judges Table first. The prize is a fabulous trip to Amsterdam! And the winner is... Carla! Everybody do the hootie hoo.

Team 1 (Jamie, Tiffani, Antonia) and team 4 (Marcel, Fabio, Richard) are then sent back to the Judges Table. Marcel, Fabio and Richard get reamed by the judges for only cooking one dish and not doing it well – and Tom Colicchio slaps Richard on the hand for his behavior towards Fabio. The judges tell Antonia that she would have gone to Amsterdam if Jamie and Tiffani hadn’t performed so poorly. Owch…

In the end two chefs are asked to pack their knives… Tiffani, we’ll miss you. Farewell Jamie – you knew this was coming.

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