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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Top Chef All Stars: Jamie Lauren survives at the expense of Casey Thompson

I’m convinced: Either the Top Chef All Stars judges are all high on crack or Jamie Lauren is sleeping with one of the producers. How has that girl managed to escape elimination again? We all know she hasn’t made it this far based on talent. And to land at the bottom in both the Quickfire and elimination challenges, but still survive is beyond irritating. Even Jamie was convinced she’d be packing her knives this week.

Instead, they tell fan-favorite and Top Chef Season 3’s runner up, Casey Thompson, to pack her knives and go. The "Jennifer Aniston" of the food world was nixed over poor chicken feet that she didn't even have the chance to complete. Do they have any idea how difficult it is to cook decent chicken feet?

Between the sobbing drama king from Top Chef: Just Desserts and Jamie Lauren’s non-performance, I’m starting to believe that the Top Chef producers believe cheap drama will improve ratings over showcasing the skills of the most talented chefs in America . Every season seems to have a decreasing focus on food and the culinary arts. And all I can say is this:

If I want to watch trashy-cheap reality food TV, I’ll change the channel from Bravo to Fox and watch Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen.

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  1. Either she's sleeping with someone at Bravo or related to someone there. Hopefully not both.

  2. But it could be both. Maybe it's both

  3. I agree that Jamie has been really lucky. But they did say that Casey's dish was inedible. If you look at any episode of Top Chef where they say inedible, that person usually goes home.

  4. Casey's dish did suck, but she wasn't 100% responsible for her dish. Antonia was the one who dropped the ball. And if she didn't have time to cook Casey's dish, she should have told said something to Casey. Not leave her in the dark until it was too late.

  5. Jaime has flaked on, or failed, 3 challenges and at least 2 quick-fires. She took her 3-stitch cut and ran for first-aid immunity in "Night at the Museum". She literally hid beneath the tables at the "US Open" challenge to avoid the judges. Finally we had this latest debacle: one clam produced in the quick-fire and two blown dishes in challenge.

    Don't care to here Collicio's empty platitudes and defenses of Judges' Table anymore. I painfully swallowed the defiant BS that was his blog a few weeks back after Elia put him on blast. No more.


  6. Agreed. Casey Thompson is, by far, a better chef. Jamie Lauren adds nothing to the show, except misery. She's a narcissist, and it's a sad empty life to be one, but, why do we have to suffer with her?