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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Top Chef All Stars: Dale vs. Marcel. Marcel, Please Pack Your Knives and Go!

Farewell to Top Chef All Stars' Marcel Vigneron
I know Marcel Vigneron isn’t the most popular guy, but his “white man ghetto” speak really cracked me up this season. Particularly, in last week’s  Top Chef All Stars episode, where we watched Marcel throw back a bottle of gin and go into a drunken-dale-hating-rant, with hand gestures that were very reminiscent of Vanilla Ice. I’m not saying I like the guy – but he’s been damn funny to watch.

And given his treatment of Dale Talde last week, how could anyone be surprised when Dale, after winning the Quickfire and was awarded team lead, picked his nemesis, Marcel, to lead the other team. It was clear from the start that Marcel had zero leadership skills and his team didn’t respect him. He micromanaged everyone into a tizzy and in the end, his team fell short at his hand. Marcel’s last words:

“I’m the most notorious diabolical contestant of Top Chef History. But I’m also the most misunderstood. I’m actually a nice guy and I’m a personable likeable person”.

I had a feeling that he would be the one eliminated, but wasn’t completely convinced – his cooking skillz were da bomb (yes, I’m whipping out the early 90’s lingo). But his level of arrogance seems to have morphed into a disease that is eating away at his brain and is probably the cause of some schizophrenic symptoms, which has made it impossible for Marcel to grasp reality. Therefore, instead of improving upon his craft, his cooking abilities are declining because his disease prevents him from accepting that he could actually be capable of creating anything less than perfect food. This disease is known as “God Complexism”.

The definition of God Complexism: While God Complexism is more commonly found in men, this disease can infect both men and women and is very difficult to cure. God Complexism may be contagious and should be treated immediately by a shrink and lots of meds.

I digress.

Even though we’ve seen some bad behavior from Marcel, we’ve also seen the kinder side. And let’s give him credit for not throwing a temper tantrum and leaving the Top Chef competition with his head held high. He even gave Dale a hug on his way out.

So, with Jamie Lauren and Marcel gone, who will step into villain’s shoes for the remainder of the Top Chef All Stars season? Angelo is a possibility – he’s been known to sabotage other chefs’ dishes. But I think I’ll put my money on Dale. He’s the only one left, of the remaining chefs, with a mean-streak.

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