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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top Chef All Stars: One Chef Down, Two Chefs to the Finale

Morimoto, Michelle Bernstein, Wolfgang Puck & Padma Lakshmi
Episode 15 of Top Chef All Stars comes to a close and I feel like I just stepped of a roller coaster ride. But at least this ride was enjoyable. It was fantastic to see Carla Hall again – I didn’t see that coming. And how great was it to have Wolfgang Puck, Michelle Bernstein and Masaharu Morimoto as guest judges?? With the last few Top Chef episodes being such a bust, I wasn’t too sure what to expect this week, but they really didn’t disappoint (too much).

Ok – now I get to vent. Is it completely rude for me to say that I’d like to grab a couple of staplers and go double-time on Mike Isabella’s mouth? It can’t be denied that he’s really stepped up and created some amazing dishes, but his incessant over-confident mean-spirited chattering and his underhanded tactics far outweigh any of the positive aspects of his personality. Couldn’t the Top Chef producers have cut out half of his rude rambling clips?
Richard Blais vs. Mike Isabella

While it would have been wonderful to see Antonia Lafaso make it to the (final) finale, her dishes just didn’t pull through. Mike Izzy won his spot in the Top Chef All Stars finale fair and square, but I really wish he wasn’t so damned unlikeable!

So now that it’s down to Richard Blais and Mike Isabella, who do you think will take home the “Top Chef” title?

I’m rooting for Richard, but I think it could be very likely that Mike Izzy takes the win…

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  1. I hope Richard wins! I am so sick of listening to Mike brag and brag about how he's soooo good.

  2. I'll give you a box of staples. Mike talks too much.

  3. I want Richard to win. Mike is damn annoying!

  4. I am feeling the exact opposite way! I am all TEAM MIKE!!!!! I don't find him annoying, only entertaining! At least he is not boring... People need to grow some skin, he is a funny bastard! That said I think Richard seems like a great chef, just a little vanilla for me.

  5. Richard deserves to win.

  6. Maybe they did cut out half of Mike's nasty comments!

    I was stunned he picked on Antonia so blatently. I thought he wanted to have a cousin relationship with her. I dunno, Thanksgiving a familia may not be in the cards.

  7. Why are people being so critical of Mike? It's a competition. In his opinion he thinks Richard is more talented of a chef than Antonia, so he wanted to eliminate her to face Richard. Most of us can't really say who is the better chef because we haven't tasted their food. He definitely could have been a lot nastier, and if he was I'm sure the editors would have been more than pleased to include the trash-talking. That being said, I'll be rooting for Richard next week!

  8. I agree with the Foodie Gossip. I hope Richard wins, but Mike's cooking has really been amazing recently and he has just as much chance of winning. I also agree that someone should staple Mike's mouth shut. That would make me rout for him!

  9. I think that Richard is totally going to bring it for the finale! He has been my favorite all along and I do believe that the two best chefs are standing at the end. It is going to be an amazing finale indeed! Go Blais!!

  10. I just watched this season of top chief for the first time. I was really cheering for Richard to win TC title. Was so disappointing when they called out that stupid ass Mike. Mike is to cocky and a cheater. He was really annoying his competitors with his comments and that laugh. I'm sure they cut out at a lot of clips of him. Jeez I would take surgical glue and the stapler to shut his mouth up. I feel so sorry for Richard to me he is Top Chief.