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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mario Batali wants to Cook with Charlie Sheen

Chef Mario Batali                         Charlie Sheen      
Mario Batali tweets to Charlie Sheen that he wants to partner up for a cooking demo? Who’s the crazy one now?

“@charliesheen Hey charlie what do you think about doing a cooking demo together to raise money for our brethren in japan? Your fan Mario b”

Mario, have you been online, other than visiting your twitter page, in the past day? Have you at least watched Charlie Sheen’s cooking show? He’s either high or half gone. And while Sheen’s rise in Twitter popularity makes Ashton Kutcher look like a leper, it’s only because it’s rare to see a celebrity completely lose their marbles so publicly – Sheen’s Twitter stream is like a front-row seat at a Rolling stones concert – it’s hard to pass up a show like that.  

But he’s not someone you publicly associate yourself with. Associating yourself with Charlie Sheen, a known drug user and alleged wife-beater, is bad business, dude. You just dropped 10 notches on the “cool” scale.

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