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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Winter Cocktails to Try Right Now

Winter Cocktails are a welcoming treat in these days of frigid weather. While summer is a time to sip on something light and refreshing, winter is the best time for something a bit warmer and boozy. The chilly temperatures and celebratory season are the ideal combo for a drink to warm your insides. We’ve picked out three of our favorites to try right now, and through the rest of the chilly months.
1. Hot Whiskey
Simple. Strong. Spicy. Those are the three words we would use to describe the “Hot Whiskey” served at The Red Hook Bait & Tackle in Red Hook Brooklyn. It’s the perfect drink for keeping warm on a cold evening, and we swear it might cure the common cold.
2. Chai Toddy
Instead of the classic Hot Toddy, try a Chai Toddy from The Food Network. It’s buttery, with just enough sweet and spice. We love that it’s garnished with a crumbling of graham crackers too.
3. The MmmHmmmm
With a name like “The MmmHmmmm,” this cocktail must leave you speechless. Created by The Clock Bar in San Francisco, the winter drink was inspired by freshly baked banana bread. The combo of vanilla vodka and pecan-infused rye give it a sweet and nutty flavor.

[written by Caitlin Heikkika]

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