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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson Admits to Cocaine Use

More scandal follows Nigella Lawson
Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson has had an “exciting” year to say the least. First it was the image of her now ex-husband holding her throat in a London restaurant and now: The culinary darling has been outted for using illegal narcotics. 

In a court trial, earlier today, she admitted to occasionally using cocaine and marijuana. Known for her sensuous TV manner, she is a “Domestic Goddess” for millions of viewers world-wide and role model for many.

Marijuanna is one thing, but is it acceptable for celebrity chefs to partake in drugs, like cocaine? Should The Cooking Channel kick this snow-loving cook to the curb?

While visions of her famous courgette (Zucchini) cake once ran through our heads, all we can think of now is a scandal-prone Nigella Lawson sporting snow on her nose!

'Tis the season.. :-S


  1. No one is perfect. I don't condone recreational drugs. I also do not think this warrants a cancellation of her beloved show. I don't know what goes on in her life, but she has been through a lot, and personally, I think it's ridiculous to cancel her shows- when so many others who have been caught using, carrying, selling these two drugs, have basically been given a slap on the wrist. (Often more than once). I still like Nigella Lawson, from what I've read about her in the past, and from her cooking shows. *Sending only the best of wishes to Nigella, and hoping that 2014 will bring a brand new start and hope for her...♥

  2. Whenever celebrities embarrass themselves, it reminds us that they are real people after all, or may secretly make us feel just a tiny bit glad if we were a teeny bit jealous.