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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Strange & Wonderfully Unique Wine Glasses

Some may say a wine glass is just a wine glass, but we say there’s more fun to be had in the glass than what it carries…
Cupa Rocks Wine Glass
Sometimes broken wine glasses can lead to better things: The inspiration for this glassware was found in a small wine bar in Florence, Italy, which is now the artist’s present home. After accidentally snapping the stem from a wineglass, the Swedish-born designer concluded that the glass’s stem was unnecessary, and set forth to design a contemporary glass that would behave like a traditional piece of stemware but wouldn’t need to go to such distances to do so.  The result: a tumbler that twirls ever so slightly to aerate cupped wine or brandy in order to develop aromas and delicate bouquets.
A set of 2 can be picked up for just $50.
A Pirate’s Treasure 
A rare example of historical wine culture: This opaque-twist wine glass, circa 1760, is engraved with a portrait of The Eagle, a privateer [a ship authorized by a government to attack the ships of its enemies during wartime, a.k.a. a genuine pirate ship].
Simon Cottle, Head of the Glass Department at Bonhams, comments:  “This glass represents a fascinating period of British history. Drinking from it would be an act of communion with a very different world, one of desperate courage, blood, danger and big rewards or death.”
This glass sold for £11,250 ($18,021 USD)
Bohemian Moser Cranberry Glass Wine Enamel Overlay and Latticino Stem
A true Bohemian treasure, this glass was created by one of the world’s most notorious and respected glass manufactures in history: Moser Glassworks. Heavy and solid construction, this is a fabulous and rare example of wine-meets-art, dating to the late 1800’s.
Want it? You can take this beauty home for only $1,200
Mason Jar Wine Glasses
One of the latest and strangest trends in the wine glass world is the Mason jar wine glass. Commonly themed as the wine glass for “rednecks”, this glass cultivates country charm and good times.
When I first came across these unusual wine glasses at my local pet feed and supply store, they evoked a barrage of memories. They reminded me of my grandmother and her boundless production of the best assortment of jams I would ever taste; all encased in mason jars.
Fortunately, unlike the aforementioned wine glasses, you can pick up a set of these starting around $5.00 a piece.
While many may ask what’s in your glass, we want to know what wonders you’re using to hold your wine.
Here’s “Cheers” to Wine Week! What’s holding your wine?

[Written by Kate Spivak]

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