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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chef Gordon Ramsay vs. The Muppets' Swedish Chef

Looks like chef Gordon Ramsay spares no one! Known for his foul mouth, he was once nominated as the “chef who needs to chill out the most”. This time the temperamental chef may have met his match in the Swedish Chef.

Dueling over a parking space, Chef Ramsay challenges the Muppets' Swedish Chef to a cook off, which involves some unique food requests including a cupcake which was sea salt-infused with a beet juice emulsion. 

Looks like the Muppets refused to be intimidated. “Hey Ramsay! Why don’t you go back to your TV show?” said one Muppet. “The web’s too small for your ego!” Ramsay was quick to fire back, “I don’t remember ordering any stinky old cheese!”

Watch the video to see who wins!

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