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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Latex & Liquor

Skyy Vodka is serving a shot of controversy with its new ad campaign. Strong, tall, blue-bottled Skyy can now be found between long, red latex’d legs. Would you call it pornography? That’s a pretty big stretch. Skyy ads have always been lips, legs, and lingerie -- and keeping wholesome people gawking. I don’t see anything so different in this provocative ad. They’re not even showing skin this time around. Skyy is selling vodka – and not the high end type. Just like their consumers they’re trying to have a little more fun. Skyy has been selling sexy for years and I’d have to say “Really?” to anyone who’s just now offended by Skyy’s not-so-risqué ad campaign. Many of their ads are blatantly exaggerated, to the point of being humorous. This not-so-new ad, features a filthy rich woman with a man crawling all over her and the vodka is placed in the foreground, I’m sold!

Bottoms Up!

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