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Friday, September 24, 2010

Food Truck Strive

Food trucks are all the rage, but the city is getting fed up-and not full of Kebabs. The rules are getting strict in NY & DC, by piling on the fines to trucks that have gotten 3 tickets. “The Man” is trying to pass a bill that will not allowing them to park for more than 30 minutes in one location or within 100 feet of a restaurant. Yes, we don’t want only food trucks to dominate the city, but those poor guys are racing and slaving hard for our quick lunches and drunken munchies. We need to give them a break after all the breaking they’ve done for us.
The laws are not passed, so represent for your favorite food on the fly. In the mean time check out these apps you can download to find the most delish food trucks in your big city.
[Image from OC Weekly]

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