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Monday, December 12, 2011

Top Chef featured in Food & Wine

Are you a big fan of Food & Wine magazine? So am I! I’m also a big fan of Bravo TV’s Top Chef, currently on Season 9, Top Chef Texas. That means that January’s issue will be one to remember. According to Adweek, Food & Wine will feature Top Chef on a 24-page section. Part of the reason to print Top Chef is that Food & Wine has been its sponsor for a while now. By devoting a whole section to Top Chef, Food & Wine is actually killing two birds with one stone. They are advertising for their show and creating content at the same time. Sounds like a reasonable strategy.
For a fan like myself, this is great news as I will have a place to read more about my show and its stars. Stars like Tom Colicchio,

Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons. Not only will I read more about the main stars, but I will also find out more about the current contestants and their recipes.

Speaking of added content, in order to add more value to you, my reader, I have added a couple of links to some goodies.

In order to leave you with some food for thought, I have a couple of questions that you can answer in the comment section if you want. What do you think of Food & and Wine’s decision to advertise for its sponsee? Do you think it’s smart or shameless? Do you think the majority of Food & Wine’s readers will enjoy the 24-page section on Top Chef?

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