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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 10 Food Trends for 2014

What's in store for foodies in 2014? We break down our best Top 10 Food Trend guesses below:

Non-Wheat Noodles
With the gluten-free trend in full swing in 2013, 2014 will be the year that restaurants start adding more non-wheat pastas to their menus, from quinoa to buckwheat noodles. Ruggles Green in Texas is already on this trend, with a menu filled with quinoa pasta.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Say RIP to cupcakes, donuts and Cronuts, Ice Cream Sandwiches are the way to go in 2014. They’re portable treats that are popping up in food trucks and on dessert menus in a customizable way. Pick your favorite ice cream and cookie and make the ultimate combo, like at Baked Bear in San Diego.

Foraged Foods
Foraged foods and wild edibles like seaweed, truffles, rose hips and blackberries are becoming more and more hip in forward-thinking kitchens, lately. There are lots of 'edible' nature walks popping up too, just be careful if you do it on your own, sometimes nature can be sneaky. 

Although fermentation has been around centuries, chefs are now starting to play around with good bacteria and “rotting” food the correct way to add a modern twist. They’re making their own soy and miso, and many are incorporating kimchi into their dishes. The Good Fork in Brooklyn is adding a new spin to kimchi, serving up pork belly & kimchi egg rolls, as well as steak and eggs with a kimchi twist.

Sustainable Seafood 
Sure, sustainable seafood has been talked about before, but in 2014, we expect it to really come to the forefront. Consumers are getting more and more conscious about where their food comes from, and seafood is no different. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has some insight on the start of this trend in the Atlanta area. 

Tea as an ingredient
Tea isn’t just for your morning mug, it’s now an ingredient in many dishes and cocktails too. And we expect it to grow even more in 2014. Take Samovar tea lounge in San Francisco, for example. Their entire menu is infused with tea!

Heirloom Vegetables
Heirloom vegetables, which many gardeners agree are seeds originating before 1951, are plants which have not been hybridized or become so mass-gardened that they've lost their character. Certain parsnips, butter beans, and artichokes are making a comeback: easy to grow, beautiful, and true to their origins!

Nose-to-Tail Cooking 
Instead of just using a portion of an animal or a vegetable, in 2014, chefs will strive to include as many parts of the animal or vegetable as possible. That means you’re likely to see beef hearts, oxtails, and innards appearing on more menus, as well as entire plants from roots to seeds.

Housemade Hot Sauces
It's about time someone puts up their own hot sauce in restaurants instead or relying on Tabasco to season everything (though I do love Tabasco)! After Sriracha took over the food airwaves this past year, it's no wonder people are starting to create their own and get in on the latest fad.  Chili heads unite!

Egg, It's What's for Dinner
Eggs are going to be EVERYWHERE in 2014, especially for dinner. Scotch eggs, eggs and pork belly hash (yes, please), baked, and taken to the next level. No longer a topper of burgers or a side with your waffles, eggs will rule the roost in 2014.

[by Caitlin Heikkila & Sophia Proler]

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