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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Smoking Alcohol: The New Way to Get Alcohol Poisoning

Congratulations, boys and girls! Just when we thought drinking stupidity had hit its peak, someone decided to invent the “Alcohol inhaling machine”. Given, this invention isn’t news – the alcohol vaporizing machine was made available to the public in 2004 – however it seems to have finally found it’s window of opportunity in today’s market: With high school and college students alike!

Now kids, if there was any concern that you haven’t been able to stay at pace with the biggest partiers of your class, you can rest assured that you now have access to great step-by-step tutorials on Youtube to show you how real assholes get wasted.   

And if you’re really lucky, maybe you can be the kid everyone talks about at their 10 year class reunion. Only they won’t be talking about how cool you are. They’ll be talking about how stupid you were and how sad it is that you’re too dead to be there with them.

Just sayin’.

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