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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Five Foodie Resolutions to Make This Year

Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution, but did you make a Foodie Resolution?  Make your foodie goals come true this year—I have 5 ideas to be a better foodie in 2013.

photo via Evie Says

1.    Take a New Cooking Class
      Whether you’re a kitchen newbie or if you already have impressive cooking skills, sign up for a new cooking class this year. Try creating a new cuisine that you normally don’t cook at home—perhaps Thai, Indian, or Scandinavian cooking. Taste of Home has a great database to find classes near you.

2.    Attend a Supper Club or Alternative Dining Experience
If you haven’t explored the word of alternative dining, now is a good time to start. Once an underground trend, supper clubs are popping up across the country. If you’re in NYC, check out Underground Eats for some one-of-a-kind foodie experiences.

3.    Start Your Own Supper Club
Are you a good cook? Have space in your home for some outside diners? Start your own supper club! Create your menu, invite some friends, and leave the invite open to meet some new people over your home-cooked meal. Cooking Light has some great tips to get it going.

4.    Try a New Food
Strive to find a food you’ve never tasted before—maybe it’s frogs legs, stinging nettles, quail meat, or something else you avoided in the grocery store or menu. For an extra challenge, cook it yourself!

5.    Read More Cook-lit
Of course, eating food is a good way to learn about food, but reading can be too! Invest in some cookbooks, chef bios, and food history, and cooking literature to get some other perspectives on the culinary world. I highly recommend The New Brooklyn Cookbook and Marcus Samuelsson’s biography, Yes Chef.

Have a delicious new year. 

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