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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hell’s Kitchen Season 9, Episode 12 Recap: “6 chefs compete.”

6 chefs compete on Hell's Kitchen episode 12
On this Hell’s Kitchen, episode 12, Gordon Ramsay decides to teach each team about timing. For the team challenge, each team had to make 3 dishes. One chef made a 30 minute entrée, another chef made a 20 minute entrée, and one chef made a 10 min entrée. All dishes were to be completed and at the pass at the same time.

The blue team decided that Tommy Stevens would get the 30 minute dish, Paul Niedermann the 20 minute dish, and Will Lustberg the 10 minute dish.

Jennifer Normant took 30 minute dish, Elizabeth Bianchi was given the 20 minute dish, and Elise Wims took the 10 minute dish.

As Jennifer started cooking, Elise and Elizabeth bothered Jennifer about what ingredients they could use. Rather than focusing on winning as a team, the Red Team was still working individually. Meanwhile, in the Blue Team, the men focused on Tommy’s cooking and helped by keeping Tommy focused.

Towards the end of the challenge, Jennifer’s lamb was raw and she started panicking. Elise criticized that Jennifer can’t finish a dish in 30 minutes. Tommy was on time and made quail egg on top of lamb. Ramsay was surprised at the decision, but thought it “worked quite well.” When the time came to judge, Jennifer pointed out that her lamb was raw, but Ramsay said that it was pink and that the “sauce is delicious.” Moreover, he said “I love the dish, good job.” Red won the point for the 30 minute dish.

Chef Paul Niedermann
Paul made a pan roasted sea bass that had a great sear, was a little watery, but “it’s got finesse.” Paul gloated by saying “I’m the biggest of all the f@#*ing deals.” Elizabeth made Monk fish with couscous and couldn’t decide whether it was French or Mediterranean. Point to Blue Team.

Will made lemon-seared Santa Barbara prawns. The garlic in the vegetables was too overpowering. Elise made spicy calamari with a tomato pepper sauce. The Calamari were undercooked and the point went to the Blue Team. I’m not sure if it was for losing the challenge for the Red Team, for undercooking the prawns, or for being criticized by Ramsay (although she should be used to it by now), but Elise cried.

As a reward, the Blue Team, a team full of men, got to go to Ted Baker Boutique, Chef Ramsay’s favorite. The dinner service for this episode was to host a unique, exclusive black tie charity event. Since there would be only two tables of twelve, the teams would have to make a six course meal.

As a punishment, the Red Team had to set up both kitchens and bring 2 banquet tables to reorganize the dining hall. Chef Ramsay left the room with a “stop crying, bounce back Elise!” Jennifer, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, was very jealous of the men. Celebrating, Paul spilled some champagne on Will whose only remark was “I need new clothes now”

The girls had a hard time bringing one table in. Jennifer complained that you just pick it up! The girls couldn’t even work together to prepare the dining hall. Tommy brought back a handkerchief as a present “for the next time I beat you in a challenge, so you can cry on it.” Elise was not amused.

Each chef was in charge of two courses. Elizabeth got pissed at Elise’s insult while splitting up the tasks. Elise, referring to Elizabeth, said “she can’t help.” Elizabeth pointed out that attacking is what Elise does best.

This dinner service was very special, not just because it would decide which five chefs deserve the black jacket, but the charity event raised a combined $3 million dollars for the American Cancer Society and the American Humane Society.

Tommy messed up and made a sloppy salad to slow down the Blue Team. Paul rose to the challenge of his course, but Elizabeth struggled to stay calm. So Jennifer and Elise had to take care of Elizabeth’s first course. “Where’s the voice? Where’s the leadership? You have one more course left, own it!” (Ramsay gives Elizabeth a pep talk). Elise’s strong leadership made an excellent risotto, and it was on time. Tommy’s risotto was late and he cooked it in three pans. Tommy said “they’re dead on, I tasted each one.” Ramsay complained “you got 3 different tastes there!” With a big assist from Will, the risotto went out.

Throughout Jennifer’s course, Elise was standing not doing much, while Elizabeth did things half-assed. Ramsay complained that there were 3 pieces of lobster on one dish, 4 on the other, and 5 on the other. He threw a spoon on the ground and the guests were embarrassed for the Red Team as they got yelled at, which made the guests very uncomfortable. Jennifer accused the girls of sabotage. Will’s great leadership made his course on time and very well cooked.

For Elizabeth’s second course, her chicken was ready too early and she gave the lame excuse that she “wanted to let them rest.” Ramsay cleared the plates from the Red Team’s table to serve the chicken early. Elizabeth’s anxiety got the best of her and she started losing it, no longer communicating.

Elise had Jennifer work on the sides and Elizabeth warm up the sauces, taking care of her own wellingtons during her course. Even though Tommy gave no directions when asked for them, he did a good job and Ramsay said he redeemed himself. Elise’s mashed potatoes were missing salt and Elise accused Jennifer of trying to sabotage her.

When Jennifer told Elise to cook the apples through, Elise didn’t. Jennifer declared war.

At the end of the service, the Blue Team earned the coveted Black Jacket. Even Tommy. When defending herself Jennifer once again told Elise to “shut up for five seconds,” something that is now becoming a trend in the competition. Elizabeth almost started crying begging for her place. Jennifer said she wanted the competition from the three chefs, who now owned the Black Jacket, to become a great chef. Elise claimed that her leadership skills merited the black jacket. Ramsay told Jennifer to take off her jacket and then said “this has been your worst service yet, yes?” To which, in tears, she said “yes chef… chef I can do it, I’m telling you.” And Ramsay believed her, giving her the black jacket. Elizabeth started crying and begging, but Ramsay said she wasn’t ready to lead. Elise is in “a downward spiral” but he Ramsay saw “something in her.” What could that be? Drama?

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