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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hell’s Kitchen Season 9 Episode 10 Recap: “8 chefs compete.”

This week's Hell's Kitchen episode (episode 10) just seems spicier than the last. Gordon Ramsay actually seems justified in blasting a chef and Tommy still seems as confused as ever... Here's the recap for Hell’s Kitchen Episode 10 - hope you enjoy:
After hearing Chef Gordon Ramsay’s judgment from the previous episode, Jennifer started the episode by warning Carrie and Elise to get their act together for the sake of the Red Team.
For the team challenge, Chef Ramsay announced a “blind taste test” that excited everyone. Each contestant was eager to prove their skill and refined taste by identifying 4 items by taste alone. They all thought their taste buds would be flawless. After all, Ramsay believes that a great chef has a great palate. The team with the most correct answers wins.
1st round: Tommy v. Carrie: they were given anchovies and Tommy thought it was sardines and while Carrie thought it was salmon.
                                           -Item: carrots. Tommy said radish, Carrie said carrots.
                                           -Item: egg yolk. Tommy said potato and Carrie said hard-boiled egg.
                                           -Item: mango. Tommy said mango and Carrie said strawberry.
2nd: Will and Elizabeth:   - Item: Cauliflower. Will said broccoli and Elizabeth said broccoli.
                                          - Item: lobster. Will said mushrooms and Elizabeth said cod.
                                          - Item: pumpkin. Will said sweet potato puree and Elizabeth said butternut squash puree.
                                          - Item: mushy peas. Will said mushy peas and (after much hesitation) Elizabeth said spinach.                                     
3rd: Paul and Jennifer:    - Item: chicken. Paul said turkey and Jennifer said turkey.
                                          - Item: asparagus. Paul said asparagus and Jennifer said celery.
                                          - Item: pecans. Paul said walnuts and Jennifer said walnuts.
                                          - Item: cheddar cheese. Paul said parmesan and Jennifer said cheddar cheese.
4th: Natalie v. Elise:         
                                        - Item: filet mignon. Natalie said turkey and Elise said Beef (filet).
                                        - Item: brussels sprouts. Natalie said parsnip and Elise said water chestnuts.
                                          - Item: coconut. Natalie said fresh coconut and Elise said coconut. With teams tied at 4, and one item to go, it all comes down to...   
      - Item: sour cream. Natalie said crème fraiche and Elise said sour cream.
As a reward, the Red Team went to Hollywood Hills to eat a gourmet lunch. They would go to Hollywood Hills on horseback. Carrie was in her element, while Elise had never seen a horse in real life. They got a great view, and got to drink champagne overseeing all of LA.
As a punishment, Ramsay had “a massive 200lbs grape delivery,” which he wanted “sorted, washed and then carefully de-seeded and peeled… by hand Tommy,” to which Tommy coolly responded “You got it”. At the thought of peeling grapes, Natalie comments “yai grapes”. The dinner service was “Steakhouse and Homemade Jam.”  While peeling grapes, Will was willing to shoot himself “just for a change of pace.” Natalie threw a playful tantrum and threw some grapes on the ground, stomping them like an angry two year old. That certainly made the situation more bearable.
The Red Team got so drunk, that Carrie and Elise actually walked back onto the set arm in arm like a couple of best friends. However, when they got to their room, the war was back on! Carrie accused Elise of being drunk and Elise went off, called Carrie an alcoholic “carrying your bottle of wine with a straw in it.” Carrie retaliated with a heartfelt “shut the f#*k up!”
Steak Night Dinner Service
For the dinner service, Hell’s Kitchen had a full house. To accommodate everyone, they had a “double seating” for which one team cooked the meal and one team served it. When it was all done, the teams switched for the second seating. The Red Team chose to go first to know what to expect. The dishes for the dinner service were rib eye, a New York strip, and a Hamachi appetizer. The Blue Team was first in the kitchen and had “90 minutes to serve the entire kitchen”. Tommy was in charge of the appetizers and struggled to get the orders out. Elise, in the meantime, struggled to get the orders in. Ramsay yelled at her for writing 1 Hamachi, 1 shrimp cocktail, 1 shrimp cocktail, 1 Hamachi” instead of 2 cocktail shrimp… and said “f#*k off will you Elise?” Tommy was failing to push the appetizers out quickly and everyone started yelling at him for not answering “yes chef.” Ramsay called the Blue Team on it and let them know that they were letting him sink and not helping him.
Natalie overcooked the New York strip and couldn’t identify it as overcooked. Instead, she called it “normal.” When attempting to cook another New York strip, Natalie almost burned down the house with a huge flame and tried to put it out by blowing on it. Seriously? Ramsay lost it and started begging Natalie to (yelling) “stoooop!”
The Blue Team did not manage to produce any entrees and Ramsay was forced to close the kitchen. Paul was infuriated and Elise thought the Red Team had a strong chance to win. Tommy was painful as a waiter and had to be told twice what the patrons wanted. Not only that, he forgot to take the menus after taking the order. Ramsay was literally banging his head on the counter with Tommy on that one.   Ramsay claimed Tommy wrote like a nine year old and wrote the same thing tice, just like Elise. When it was their turn in the kitchen, the Red Team was successfully working as a team and were communicating properly. They all made the appetizers together.
As much as Elise wanted to win the dinner service, she undercooked the bass. She only noticed when Ramsay sighed “raw bass.” Jennifer had to yell at Carrie to get her to move quickly. Carrie ended up burning the mash potatoes. Ramsay slammed the pot with the mashed potatoes, scaring the entire Red Team. A move that was rather unnecessary, even for him. Jennifer commented on her individual interview that Carrie was to blame for every dinner service. The Red Team also ran out of time as Chef Ramsay exclaimed “shut it down!”
Ramsay was livid! “Customers left hungry, they didn’t get fed!” He went on to make it very clear that this was the worst performance he had ever seen “at this stage in the competition.” Ramsay pointed out the Elise has “a bright future in the industry… as a customer.” His reason is that Elise is an individual player. Elise complained that she has been trying to work as a team throughout the entire competition, and Jennifer yelled at her to “shut up for five f@*k#ng seconds,” and let her know that Elise doesn’t “shut up and listen to what we have to say.” Ramsay then declares that “tonight the winner is… none of you.” He made both teams choose one person to kick out.
The Red team had no problem choosing Elise and Carrie. In the meantime, as Will said, “this is the hardest one that we’ve had to do yet.” The Red Team ended up choosing Carrie in an attempt “to break up the drama”. The Blue Team chose Tommy for his lack of communication.
After saying that Tommy “didn’t have a future in Hell’s Kitchen”, Ramsay chose Carrie.
And then he surprised everyone by announcing that he decided “Elise, take your jacket off.” The episode ended with Jennifer cracking a smile.

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