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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cheese Sandwich Sprinkled with Gold

British Chef, Martin Blunos, has crafted a £111 ($171) Cheese Sandwich that features West Country vintage farmhouse cheddar blended with white truffle and is speckled with gold dust. The first crowd that set eyes on it was at the Frome Cheese show, where Blunos was a judge for the “World’s Best Cheese Sandwich.” I guess he didn’t want to take any chances at being outdone by the contestants. The truffles are the reason for the high price tag, but if you're going to fork up that much you may as well top it off with some edible gold. When it comes to my cheese sandwiches I prefer grilled, but I wouldn’t pass up this one up with a pint of British cider on the side.

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  1. With fresh white truffles costing close to two hundred dollars an ounce, it is only befitting that it be sprinkled with nothing short of gold!