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Friday, March 21, 2014

Starbucks Serves Wine & Beer, But is this a Good Thing?

Starbucks has just announced Starbucks Evenings, a new concept for America's most beloved coffee house. Currently in select US cities, this special menu featuring small plates, beer, and wine will be available only after 4pm.

Finally, a good reason not to feel guilty about visiting your local coffee shop twice daily, but...

How will Starbucks regulate the consumption of their wine and beer by the 20 yrs and under baristas that they employ? Starbucks Baristas are free to consume as much caffeine as they can handle during work hours. One that I met recently had even confided that he had taken in over 14 espresso shots that day, and it was only 11am.

See where I'm going with this?

And what about those under aged kids serving their friends. Will they be carding? And are the Starbucks baristas ready to handle someone who has more than a glass or two? Moving from coffee to booze may come at a steeper price than they're planning for.

But then again, none of these things could happen. And with the new Starbucks tipping system in place, our friendly Starbucks baristas could really profit from the new liquid additions to the menu.

What do you think?

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