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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pinkberry Founder Gets 7 Years Without Sprinkles

Back in 2011, Young Lee was one of the co-founders of the fastest-growing chain of fro-yo in America. But then he decided to beat a homeless man with a tire iron...yeah, you read that right.

According to reports the victim apparently flashed a less-than-tasteful tattoo at the car Lee was driving, which happened to also be carrying his fiance' and other friends. After initially driving off, Lee returned with a tire iron which he used to break the man's arm, among other injuries. To make sure he didn't get a reprieve for good behavior while serving his sentence, during the trial Lee threatened a witness with, "I'm going to cut the throat of your mother, your wife, your daughter and you."  Lock him up Judge.

Heading to prison with the nickname "Pinkberry" might be the greatest justice of all....

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