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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guy Fieri gives Anthony Bourdain a taste of his own medicine

Anthony Bourdain gets burned by Guy Fieri

Anthony Bourdain has never shied away from sharing his opinions, regardless of how offensive they may be to his targets. Among the celebrity chefs that Bourdain has criticized are Rachel Ray, Alice Waters, and most notably Paula Deen, who he labeled as "the worst, most dangerous person to America". But there was one celebrity chef that Bourdain should have avoided:  Chef Guy Fieri. This time, it was Bourdain who took the hit.

In a charity roast of Bourdain, co-hosted by Willie Geist of MSNBC and Chef Mario Batali, at the NYC Wine & Food Festival, Guy Fieri decided nothing was off limits. Fieri started out light enough with cracks like "You've taken cooking, TV and comedy without ever being good at any of them." But he may have hit below the belt by bringing up Bourdain’s self-confessed past drug use. Fieri quipped "Anthony ... I hear you’re the only one in [culinary] class who did most of his cooking with a spoon and a Bic lighter", according to TMZ.

Anthony Bourdain did have a chance to settle the score, which he led by thanking everyone for his "public colonoscopy". At least we know he can take it almost as well as he dishes it out.

What are your thoughts on Guy Fieri’s statement? Was he too harsh or did he serve Bourdain his just desserts?


  1. Guy Fieri was way too harsh. There's no excuse to sink that low.

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  4. I use to REALLY like Guy, even going as far as to compare him to my oldest son who is the funniest, sweetest most loveable guy around. Then I started hearing & reading stories that he's homophobic, sexist, and that his head & ego have gotten out of hand and I just can't watch him anymore. I think his roast comments are indicative to who he really is .... someone whose gotten "too big for his britches" and has a tendency to go too far.

  5. His comment was funny and well deserved anyone who thinks otherwise is simply way to emotional first off its a roast , ssecondly it was a funny statement . Who here has heard of a clean roast ?????

  6. Tony deserves to get roasted. His career is not that much different then Guy's, and both should be taken off the air for now becoming complete bores. Guy is getting much to time on the food network.The damn channel should be renamed the Guy channel of boredom. Tony's schtick is getting incredibly tedious; he drinks, eats then gets snarky. He brags about his young wife and kid, as if he having money and getting married to a younger woman is something brave and bold. Better shows would be: Interview Bourdain's first wife or make him go back to being a short-order cook and see if he survives. For Guy just take him off the air as his fifteen minutes of fame has lasted way to long.

  7. Thinking about Tony Bourdain....he uses people, gets what he wants....and gives nothing back. A less charitable person you will never meet. Truly a life without purpose.